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Reviving Tradition through Wisdom and Culture

Gita Life with its motto, “Reviving Tradition through Wisdom & Culture” is a spiritual & cultural initiative that envisions a holistic & united society by bringing all walks people together in learning and sharing the timeless wisdom of ancient scriptures with the goal of rectifying the disparity of values in life. With its time tested methods of philosophical symposiums, Mantra Meditation, & Kirtan Yoga, Gita Life opens your doors to access the higher realms of harmony with the creator and his cosmos, aiming towards the perfection of human existence.

Everyone wants to be happy and joyful, yet everyone experiences a hole in their heart, an emptiness which can’t be filled with any amount of sensual, mental, intellectual, or social feats. The advancement in science and technology, the rapid progress in the field of medicine, and the enormous efforts in raising the economic standards, though commendable from mundane perspective, has remained unsuccessful in revitalizing the consciousness towards a higher meaningful purpose of life. What’s required to fill this missing link, to unveil and tap the mystery of human existence beyond all levities, is the superior guidance & wisdom, which is not any individuals or personal opinion, but an authority above all defects of mortal frailties.

Bhagavd Gita, The Divine song of the Supreme Lord Sri Krishna, is a commanding text that lays the fundamental principles governing life and its purpose. Revealing the profound secrets in five simple subjects, of Nature, Time, Action, living entities, & Supreme Lord (Prakriti, Kala, Karma, Jiva, Ishvara), the Bhagavad Gita empowers any individual who comes across it with holistic tools to manage one’s lifestyle, emotions and habits, that helps one to purge out negativity and boost positive energy through Proactive techniques to handle crisis with a cool head, yet with effective excellence in work and personal relationships.

Our trained faculties and mentors, are dedicated to give each individual, a fulfilling experience that blends professionalism with personal touch. Come and experience a soulful evening with us at an ambience, so simple yet sublime and nourish your body, mind and soul with divine chants, music, discourse & sanctified sumptuous feast, and also be a part of our varied spiritual retreats, conventions & festivals, that will keep the excitement up through out the year.

Meet Our Spiritual Mentor

Philosopher | Friend | Guide

Vrajakrishna Das

B-Tech IIT BHU                                      Bhakthi Shastri Scholar in Bhagavad Gita.

The Chairman of Center for Value Education (CVE) and Pioneer in Value Educational  programs for Students

The seed of character is there in the culture of India and if we revive the Indian culture it will again revive the character in the people of India

Vrajakrishna Das

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