If we disobey our mind, it goes crazy; if we obey our mind, we go crazy.

Suppose we have been giving into an unhealthy craving of our mind for a long time. Then, the mind feels entitled to our obedience. If we disobey it by resisting its urge, it goes crazy; it starts tormenting and threatening us to get us to submit. Seeing such vehement inner opposition, we become alarmed, discouraged and give in.

However, when we keep indulging in the mind’s urges, its demands become more and more till it makes us crazy. Consider addicts, for example. They were not born addicts; they gave in to their mind’s promptings repeatedly till those promptings became nearly irresistible. And they end up risking their wealth, health, reputation, relationships, even their life. 
When we thus understand that we have no easy option, we become ready for a firm fight. Thankfully, when the mind goes crazy, it doesn’t stay crazy forever. It’s like a child who throws a temper tantrum for some time and then falls silent when it sees that parents aren’t going to pander. When the mind is ranting and taunting, it’s difficult to bear, but it will end — what tastes like poison initially will taste like nectar eventually (Bhagavad-gita 18.37). 
If we seek some positive engagement, then that focus makes resisting the mind easier. Additionally, if we use our higher intelligence, linked with a higher purpose, then that purpose-driven intelligence can help us turn a deaf ear to the mind. And if our purpose-driven intelligence is directed toward the all-pure, all-powerful, all-pleasurable divinity, Krishna, then that brings the omnipotent force of divine grace to aid us in resisting and reforming the mind.
Thus, with a purpose-driven and devotionally-empowered intelligence, we can gradually elevate ourselves with our mind, and not degrade ourselves (06.05).
Verse 6.05 – “One must deliver himself with the help of his mind, and not degrade himself. The mind is the friend of the conditioned soul, and his enemy as well”
Think it over:
How does our mind go crazy?
How does our mind make us crazy?
How can we manage the mind’s craziness?