Spiritual awakening through Intellectual understanding

The ideology that pretends to not be an ideology is often disingenuous — learn to see through atheism’s self-serving misappropriation of science

If we disobey our mind, it goes crazy; If we obey our mind, we go crazy

The anger that arises on seeing injustice becomes a cause of injustice, uness it is regulated with intelligence and guided toward transcendence​

Humility is not putting ourselves down for others to step on us; it is making space for each other in a Whole that has place for everyone

Everything aware is alive; everything alive is not necessarily aware — use the state of being alive to become aware

Don’t let mental peacefulness come in the way of spiritual purposefulness

The essence of dharma is harmonious belonging to a whole bigger than ourselves.

Evil doesn’t always look ugly, it can look classy

Defending ourselves from our mind begins with defining ourselves with our intelligence